Available updates

12.03.2013 Search

12.0.1 (beta)
- Stemming algorithm optimized.
- Fixed various stemming issues.
- Introduced the deferred stemming option.

Web Forms

12.0.1 (beta)
- Fixed the user interface issues.

Performance monitor

12.0.3 (beta)
- Added an option to edit "date" and "smallint" fields.
- Custom cache class is now displayed.
- Fixed issue running the config test for the first time.

Social Network

12.0.7 (beta)
- The Activity Stream counters are now the members of CUserCounter. Use CUserCounter  instead of CSocNetLogCounter.
- Fixed issue showing unavailable groups in the message recipients.
- The last-seen date and time for a user is now updated no oftener than once per minute rather than whenever a hit occurs.
- CSocNetUserPerms::GetOperationPerms() now accepts an array of user ID's as the first parameter.
- Fixed issue generating an incorrect URL in the file comment notification created in Activity Stream.
- Fixed issue not reflecting in Photo Gallery the like made on a comment to a photo in Activity Stream.
- A user who has applied to join a workgroup can now see his or her application request on the workgroup page.
- Fixed error sending twice the extranet invitation message.
- More comprehensible error messages on the social network indexing page.
- Fixed issue never reaching blacklisted contacts when the IM module is installed.
- Fixed issue incorrectly displaying extranet workgroups in the user's workgroups list.
- Fixed issue sending twice the friendship requests.
- Minor fixes and improvements.

Business Processes

12.0.3 (beta)
- A "Bind-to-user" parameter can now be specified as an expression.
- Minor issues fixed.

Instant Messenger

12.1.3 (beta)
- Fixed issue sending duplicate notifications when using Push & Pull without NGINX.
- API: new event OnBeforeMessageNotifyAdd to modify or cancel message sending.
- API: new event OnAfterContactListGetList to modify the contact list.
- API: new JS event ñîáûòèå onImConfirmNotify initiated after a notification has been accepted or rejected.
- Module performance notably improved.


12.0.9 (beta)
- Fixed user interface issues in Control Panel.
- Improved the Website Check feature.
- Improved overall system performance.
- Fixed error saving access permissions for third-party (Marketplace) modules.
- API: introduced XCache support (define("BX_CACHE_TYPE", "xcache")).
- API: script.js in component templates is now included as $APPLICATION->AddHeadScript().
- API: added a new constant BX_NO_SQL_BACKTRACE to disable backtrace monitoring when debugging.